Decoupage is a technique used to decorate furniture and articles such as boxes, lamp bases, firescreens, vases, tea trays, decorative plates, and just about anything you like, using paper cutouts which are then sealed and varnished. Numerous coats of varnish are applied to achieve a level and smooth finish.

Additional techniques can also be used to finish the article, such as crackle varnishing and ageing, gold leafing and the addition of beads, mother of pearl and iridescent paints, to achieve stunning effects.

Every decoupeur has his/her own style and methods of working. My favourite sources for decoupage are the numerous books containing black and white drawings of original designs used to create decorative architectural features, plasterwork and metal work of the Rococo, Queen Anne, the Neo-classical periods. These are available from the Dover Bookshop . I like using photocopies of pre-Raphaelite reproductions, Arthur Rackham’s fairies, flowery wrapping papers and designs from the Art Nouveau period.

I hope you enjoy the efforts shown in Decoupage Delights. I have become totally obsessed with decoupage. No hobby has engrossed me as much.